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Florence is the flower of Tuscany

Remarkable sculpture and architecture line the streets of this city

Not a city, a masterpiece: Remarkable sculpture and architecture line the streets of this city

Published in Weekend Argus 2/ 3 June  2012

Florence is special.And it’s not something in the water.

Kate Middleton and Michelangelo both studied here and each one of them carved out a future for themselves that will eternalise their names in history.

Did Florence have something to do with it…? Who knows. I like to think so. The place is like that. It inspires people.

Florence has an almost mystical feel about it when you first arrive.  A melting pot of history, art and culture that has so much to offer you’d need at least a week to get a proper taste.

The city is rich in breathtaking moments with masterful architecture and artwork on display everywhere.  The Santa Croce Gothic church is therefore most appropriately the last resting place for a lot of history’s most famous artists, poets, architects and philosophers, including Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Dante and Galileo Galileo. Continue reading

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Lesser known gems in SA ‘s travel crown

Published in High-Flyer Magazine November 2011

Prospectors of old often discovered South Africa’s mineral wealth by chance, from giant diamonds to the world’s biggest gold deposits. When it comes to travel destinations there are many hidden gems in the folds and valleys of our countryside. I set out to discover a few.


For the first time in over 100 years there are free roaming lions in Gauteng in Dinokeng Game Reserve

 Dinokeng Game Reserve, Gauteng:Only a 60 minute drive from Johannesburg lies the trendy Dinokeng Game Reserve, an 18 500ha eco-friendly retreat, that brings the big five within shouting distance of Egoli.

Overflowing with affordable (from R350/night) to luxury accommodation, this jewel shines brighter than most. Camps can be reached with own transportation, but if you want to get to know the Big Five a bit better you should book a game drive, quite affordable at R150pp for approximately one to two hours.

With activities ranging from archery and horse riding to fishing and boat cruising, suffering from boredom is out of the question.  Dinokeng has a number of restaurants with beautiful views overlooking the lake or the Red bush willow-layered veld, ensuring that you don’t miss some unforgettable sunsets. Continue reading

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Chicago is my kind of town

A romantic jetty in Lake Michigan

A romantic jetty in Lake Michigan

Published in Weekend Argus 7/ 8 April 2012

“Don’t look to the right until I tell you to.”

I can still hear my friend’s voice in my ears every time I think of Chicago. He picked me up at the airport and we were driving down Lake Shore drive. It was just after sunset and the sky was still a dusky blue-pink hue. I was looking towards Lake Michigan, since the city to my right side was “off-limits” for now.

“Okay.  Look.  Now!”

I still don’t know what I was expecting but I will never forget the sight that greeted my eyes. As I looked to my right we were right across the bridge over the Chicago river that flows into the city from Lake Michigan. It was as if I was looking straight into the heart of Chicago city.

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