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10 Reasons why to use a Travel Agent when Travelling

travel agentWe all know there is quite a controversy around whether you should make use of a travel agent or not when planning a trip.

Here are 10 reasons why it is a good idea to make use of a travel agent

1.       If you make use of a travel agent you are not paying more than when you do it yourself. You make one phone call to an agent and they do all the calling and research for you saving you a lot of time and often a lot of money.

2.       They usually know about specials which can come in handy if you are a budget traveller or just want to save money.   Continue reading

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5 easy tips to save money while travelling

Travel MoneyWe all know how difficult it is to save…even during your everyday life, not even to mention when on holiday. However this is tough times and we all want to squeeze an extra cent out of a buck here or there and therefore it is not that hard if you live according to these following small tips.

1. Plan ahead. Yes you might be able to pick up a last minute deal here and there that is too good to be true…but that is exactly what it is. The chance that you will get a good, cheap deal on transport, accommodation and all that comes with it is very rear. Rather make sure you pay less for the whole holiday than only saving on one part and having to pay in the difference on all the other things.

2. Let’s face it, the airplane ticket is usually the biggest blow. Start by making sure you fly in and out of the same airport as it is almost always cheaper. Even though it is great to fly direct it is always a good idea to look at connecting flights as this is most often the cheapest option. Also remember to travel light. These days airlines are very strict about extra or over-weight luggage and they will charge you an arm and a leg for that extra kilo. Continue reading

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5 tips to get hold of a Schengen Travel Visa effortlessly

Schengen travel visa picHaving to obtain a Schengen visa can be quite a challenge. However if you keep the following tips in mind it might be easier than you think.

1. If your passport has been issued within a year it is advisable to submit your old passport along with the current one. If your passport is older than 10 years, you would need to obtain a new passport to apply for a Schengen visa—have a look at the expiry date on the passport.

2. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 3 months after the visa expiry date. It should also contain two blank pages for any new visa stamps. In the case of you applying for a multiple entry visa your passport should be valid for at least a year or longer from the date your trip ends. Continue reading

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Staying Green in Durban KZN – The Gateway Hotel

The iconic green “leafy” screen is an literally indication of just how “green” the hotel really is and keeps the solar radiation out of the building

Going green is the in thing today with people trying all sorts of things in doing their part for the environment. So naturally it’s now becoming increasingly possible to go green while on vacation or on a business trip.

The Gateway Hotel in Umhlanga is the perfect destination for an eco-friendly holiday.

Green in every sense of the word, the vibe begins with an actual iconic “leafy” green screen, made of recycled material, covering the whole of the Northern facade of the hotel. This is a cleverly designed shading technique to make sure the amount of solar radiation from outside is reduced inside the building.

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