5 easy tips to save money while travelling

Travel MoneyWe all know how difficult it is to save…even during your everyday life, not even to mention when on holiday. However this is tough times and we all want to squeeze an extra cent out of a buck here or there and therefore it is not that hard if you live according to these following small tips.

1. Plan ahead. Yes you might be able to pick up a last minute deal here and there that is too good to be true…but that is exactly what it is. The chance that you will get a good, cheap deal on transport, accommodation and all that comes with it is very rear. Rather make sure you pay less for the whole holiday than only saving on one part and having to pay in the difference on all the other things.

2. Let’s face it, the airplane ticket is usually the biggest blow. Start by making sure you fly in and out of the same airport as it is almost always cheaper. Even though it is great to fly direct it is always a good idea to look at connecting flights as this is most often the cheapest option. Also remember to travel light. These days airlines are very strict about extra or over-weight luggage and they will charge you an arm and a leg for that extra kilo.

3. Next up in cost measurement is of course accommodation. Always look for alternatives from the road most travelled. If you are going to stay for more than a couple of days think about renting a vacation home or doing a home exchange. If however you do stay in a hotel ask for a suite if you are more than two people, this might turn out cheaper. A very good alternative is booking in a hotel or B&B in surrounding towns and not in the main city. Remember that generally B&B’s are cheaper than hotels.

4. One of the main activities on holiday is eating. Let’s start with breakfast. If breakfast is not included at you hotel avoid eating there. Go find yourself a nice cafe with atmosphere somewhere. Plan ahead where you are going to be during meal times and look on a map or Tripadviser for cost effective options. Eat bigger lunches than dinner since most fancy restaurants have cheaper lunch menu’s than dinner menus.

5. Having to get around can be quite the challenge. Luckily there are almost always public transportation…just make sure beforehand if it is available to tourists. Find out about multi-trip discounts while travelling Europe via metro, subway and rail. If the travelling is going to be long consider taking a night train since you can save on accommodation costs this way. Stay away from taxis where possible. In Europe they are expensive, even though they might be the easiest way to travel you can end up paying triple what you might pay for other modes of public transport.

There are even more logical tips you can follow. Plan well and ahead and you might be able to save enough money for an extra holiday in a year.

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