10 Reasons why to use a Travel Agent when Travelling

travel agentWe all know there is quite a controversy around whether you should make use of a travel agent or not when planning a trip.

Here are 10 reasons why it is a good idea to make use of a travel agent

1.       If you make use of a travel agent you are not paying more than when you do it yourself. You make one phone call to an agent and they do all the calling and research for you saving you a lot of time and often a lot of money.

2.       They usually know about specials which can come in handy if you are a budget traveller or just want to save money.  

3.       Travel agents always have a variety of special agreements with hotels, guest houses and airlines to choose from, which can result in the best prices for you. Package deals can sometimes be cheaper than paying for flights, transfers, accommodation and maybe e.g. ski gear and pass separately.

4.       They have all the inside information regarding places to stay and can therefore give you advice around whether the accommodation’s conditions are good or bad since they mostly get feedback from previous clients or have contacts there.

5.       In the case of cancellation or changing of travel plans you can only give them a call and they will most probably have a better chance of saving you money in the process than vice versa or changing the booking.

6.       When you are in need of a visa they can either tell you exactly what you need to obtain it or they can even help you find an agency that can do it for you.

7.       They know about the fine print for flights, accommodations and specials and can advise you all the way.

8.       If it is your first time in a country you don’t know your way around and thus they can help to arrange transfers and shuttles from the airport to your hotel. Mostly they are also the only people who can arrange these transfers for you, which you cannot do yourself. International cruises are mostly also something you can only arrange through a travel agent.

9.       You can give them a budget to work with and they can custom-make a trip especially for you and your pocket since they have access to most travel information.

10.   If a country expects certain protocol from you as a foreigner you can enquire any information you need from the agent. (Some of my family members ended up looking like middle eastern women in Jordan one time since they thought they were suppose to cover themselves from head to toe). An agent also has lots of expertise on the destinations you travel to which would have taken you a long time to research.

My advice is: find yourself a travel agent that knows you well and start using them regularly.

Obviously not everyone prefers to make use of travel agents, which is your prerogative. Yes, most of these things you can do yourself, but hey, why make more effort for yourself if you can do half the work for the same price or less? Or when trouble strikes you have a “friend” to call to sort everything out.

Next time you travel try using a travel agent…and let the relaxation begin way before your trip does.

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