My Top 3 Food Finds in Windhoek, Namibia

Joe's Beer House

Joe’s Beer House is an xperience you shouldn’t miss out on

Joe’s Beer House

Yes, it is probably the most “touristy” restaurant in Windhoek…but I would highly recommend it to anyone who are in the mood for great food, buzzing atmosphere and an African experience with a German twist. Even though the restaurant is quite big it doesn’t feel like it with the different sections it’s divided in. The interior is absurdly interesting with all the souvenirs the owner has collected over time. These include a Mini Cooper and a toilet, that is used as a chair, with very fascinating stories, you will only hear if you visit the restaurant. They are so busy they usually have a second seating during the evenings, thus you have to book in advance. There is basically three places you can sit: the Boma, with a huge bonfire in the middle, the bar area and the dining area where the seating, with long tables that you share with a couple of other people, is almost exactly as it is in the Hofbrauhaus. I would highly recommend the Oryx steak with the Crepe Suzette for dessert. If you do plan on going, just make sure, it seems like there is one day during the week when it is closed.

Andy’s Bar

Andy's Bar

Andy’s Bar with its local atmosphere

This is the place to go if you want to feel part of the locals. The service is very laid back but it is only a bad thing if you are in a hurry. Therefore go with an open mind and enjoy the atmosphere. The bar is small and intimate. A bar in the full sense of the word if you take into account that people can smoke in here. The interior is crazy full with very interesting mementos especially car license plates. They are famous for their pizza and curried sausage with chips. Don’t expect French cuisine. The beer is very popular. Enjoy it with a soccer or rugby game on the TV and you will have a real Namibian local experience.

Am Weinhouse Oryx Steak with Cumquat - Cinnamon

Am Weinhouse Oryx Steak with Cumquat – Cinnamon

Am Weinberg

We stumbled onto this restaurant by accident, while searching for our guesthouse. It looked so inviting, and with a view over the city as cherry on top we decided to come back for lunch…and so we did…twice! With a world class chef in the kitchen there is no way you won’t have a food sensation you will come back for again and again. I usually pick the Oryx steak when in Namibia, but here it was extraordinary.  The strange combination of the steak with the sweetness of the cumquat cinnamon sauce was fantastic and that combination had me hooked. However if Oryx steak is not your choice it wasn’t the only dish on the menu that looked tempting. Do not limit yourself to only one course. The desserts are just as alluring. My favourite was the traditional Malva pudding, but with a twist. Whether you are having lunch or dinner, you will not be disappointed!

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