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My Top 3 Food Finds in Swakopmund, Namibia

This enchanting little town stole my heart the moment I entered it. The variety of restaurants and coffee shops astounded me. However my top three food find stood out from the rest.

Jetty 1905 Swakopmund Namibia

The very end of the old jetty was transformed into a great restaurant, called Jetty 1905

Jetty 1905
From all my food experiences I had in Namibia this one was probably my favourite. Located on the very end of the old jetty, which is a famous “model” in photographs of this town. That was also how we stumbled onto this restaurant. Unfortunately it was fully booked the day we first saw it(make sure you book well in advance!)but we came back…twice! This is also where this restaurant gets its name from. The old jetty was renovated and then named after the date it was build. It is hard to say exactly why it is so great. There is a variety of elements that probably influenced me. The strange location, the minimalistic but modern interior in sharp contrast to its “old” exterior, the fantastic seafood and sushi on offer, friendly service or the absolutely divine chocolate volcano cake(that was one of the reasons we came back the second time) They’ve added glass windows in the floor to make it possible for you to see the waves underneath the jetty as you dine. Continue reading

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