My Top 3 Food Finds in Swakopmund, Namibia

This enchanting little town stole my heart the moment I entered it. The variety of restaurants and coffee shops astounded me. However my top three food find stood out from the rest.

Jetty 1905 Swakopmund Namibia

The very end of the old jetty was transformed into a great restaurant, called Jetty 1905

Jetty 1905
From all my food experiences I had in Namibia this one was probably my favourite. Located on the very end of the old jetty, which is a famous “model” in photographs of this town. That was also how we stumbled onto this restaurant. Unfortunately it was fully booked the day we first saw it(make sure you book well in advance!)but we came back…twice! This is also where this restaurant gets its name from. The old jetty was renovated and then named after the date it was build. It is hard to say exactly why it is so great. There is a variety of elements that probably influenced me. The strange location, the minimalistic but modern interior in sharp contrast to its “old” exterior, the fantastic seafood and sushi on offer, friendly service or the absolutely divine chocolate volcano cake(that was one of the reasons we came back the second time) They’ve added glass windows in the floor to make it possible for you to see the waves underneath the jetty as you dine.

Tug Restaurant Swakopmund Namibia

The Tug Restaurant is located on the shoreline of Swakopmund and perfect for sundowners

The Tug Restaurant
Located right on the shoreline of Swakopmund, at the beginning of the old jetty, this interesting restaurant was build around an old oil-fired Danie Hugo tugboat, hence the name. The interior matches the boat and the bar is located in the boat itself. As you walk through the typical hatch (door) you feel you are onboard a real ship at sea. The table tops are individually created designs painted by Namibian artists which is a topic on its own. Take time to enjoy this hidden gems. The service is very friendly, the waiters helpful with recommendations and the food is delicious. They are famous for their mouth-watering seafood and the Kabeljou is fantastic. Try going at sunset, to enjoy the beautiful view onto the jetty. You need to book in advance since they are very well-known and therefore usually fully booked.

The village Cafe Swakopmund Namibia

The farm-style cafe, Village Cafe, has the best breakfast in town

The Village Cafe
Located almost in the middle of town, this is the hangout for every local, tourist and anyone in the mood for coffee and a great and quite cheap breakfast! To be quite honest we were initially drawn by the Wi-Fi you can use for free whenever you order anything. Little did we know what a great surprise was waiting for us inside. The interior is blatantly “farmyard” and compliments the name so perfectly that it makes you long for the grandparents who lived on a farm, that you might not  even have—the rooster, Brutus, that crows every half an hour doesn’t make it easier (and is quite the favourite). Their service is welcoming and warm and there is enough seating for two full tour busses. They also serve delicious lunches. Do not limit yourself to only the front of the cafe, walk to the backyard and enjoy all the detail they have added, even in the restrooms. It was started by a family that had a great love for coffee and enjoyed eating…and this was the end result…Well, we are very grateful, because now we can too!

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