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Interesting facts about Belgium

Facts of BelgiumAll my memories of travelling to Belgium are pleasant. When I think of Belgium I think of it with a fondness as for a younger sibling. We get along well. The reason also might be because we share a language that is very similar to my home tongue.

Or maybe it is because I have an absolute addiction to their mouth watering chocolates! As I walked the streets during my travels I would literally buy a packet of chocolates, finish it while walking and then at the next chocolate store buy another packet. Repeating this ritual till I felt like a chocolate myself!

Thanks to this uncontrollable lust for Belgium chocolates I stumbled upon these following interesting facts about Belgium:

– Belgium produces 220,000 tonnes of chocolates every year! Luckily Belgians don’t eat all of that chocolate themselves. The Brussels’ International Airport is the World’s biggest chocolate selling point…which means the rest of the world eats that chocolate! Continue reading

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Random Interesting Facts of the USA

Interesting facts of the USAThe saying goes: “It is hard to humble if you know you’re the best.” Through all my travels to and working in the USA I felt this saying to be true of the country and its people. Not in a bad “we are better than you way”. More in a “we know we are going to be alright, no matter what happens to us way”. Something I have always admired about them. You get the feeling they are incredibly proud of their country and they stick together, no matter what.

I have always loved visiting the Land of the Free but there is a lot I don’t know about it. Here are some random interesting facts on the USA that might surprise you.

– The world’s tallest battle monument is found in Houston, Texas

– Hawaii is the only state that commercially grows coffee.

– The center of North America is in the town of Rugby, North Dakota. Continue reading

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