Interesting facts about Belgium

Facts of BelgiumAll my memories of travelling to Belgium are pleasant. When I think of Belgium I think of it with a fondness as for a younger sibling. We get along well. The reason also might be because we share a language that is very similar to my home tongue.

Or maybe it is because I have an absolute addiction to their mouth watering chocolates! As I walked the streets during my travels I would literally buy a packet of chocolates, finish it while walking and then at the next chocolate store buy another packet. Repeating this ritual till I felt like a chocolate myself!

Thanks to this uncontrollable lust for Belgium chocolates I stumbled upon these following interesting facts about Belgium:

– Belgium produces 220,000 tonnes of chocolates every year! Luckily Belgians don’t eat all of that chocolate themselves. The Brussels’ International Airport is the World’s biggest chocolate selling point…which means the rest of the world eats that chocolate!

– Belgium produces around 220,000 tonnes of chocolate every year.

– Belgium grants the most new citizenships per capita in the world, besides Canada. Basically 15% (1.6 million people) of the population in Belgium are immigrants or children or grandchildren of immigrants.

– Brussels sprouts really do come from Belgium and have grown in the Brussels area for over 400 years

– Belgium, at Waterloo, south of Brussels was the scene of Napoleon’s final defeat.

– Belgium is home to the longest tramway line in the world is the Belgian coast tram (68 km), which operates between the towns of De Panne and Knokke-Heist, from the French border to the Dutch border.

– Belgium has one of the lowest proportions of McDonald’s in the developed world. It has 7 times fewer McDonald’s restaurants than the USA and 2 times less than their neighbouring country, France.

– I do love a Belgian Waffle! Allegedly there are 3 sorts of Belgian waffles:
1. The most common is Liege waffles which are eaten more like cookies
2. My favourite and probably most commonly known waffles are the Brussels waffles  are usually bigger, lighter, rectangular(even circular), and eaten with a variety of toppings like fruits, ice cream, nutella.
3. Galettes are thinner, softer, and typically eaten for breakfast, occasionally with jam.

– Belgium has no government. Strange but true. Belgium had no official government for close to 2 years now and is being run by a caretaker government. Everything is working smoothly.

– Belgium has 3 official languages. Majority people speak Flemish, which is a local dialect of Dutch The second most spoken language is French and a very small percentage of people speak German.

– Brussels is called the “Heart of Europe” for three reasons. It is the capital of Belgium as well as the capital of the European Union (EU) and houses the headquarter of NATO.

– The Royal Palace of Brussels is 50% longer than Buckingham Palace.

– The word “French Fries” comes actually from Belgian and not France. Foreign soldiers in Belgium saw French speaking people eating  fries (In Belgium it is called “frites”) and that’s where the “French Fries” name came from.

– Oil painting was invented in Belgium in the 15th century.

– Belgium produces the highest number of comic books in the world.

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2 thoughts on “Interesting facts about Belgium

  1. Belgium aslo has the monopoly on making the best mussels (to go with those frites). Ever. 😉 Every time I’m in BE I like it just a little bit more. Definitely one of my favourite countries in Europe.

    • mytravellersnotebook

      No ways! And there I thought…again, wrongly…the French came up with that idea! I will definitely try that combination in true Belgium style when I’m there again! Thanks for the comment!

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