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Tips to Handle a Long Flight – Part 2

tips on surving a long distance flight
See Part 1

6. Keep it light

These days airlines will limit you with the amount of checked luggage you are allowed to take on a flight. This sometimes courses you to take a lot more carry-on luggage. This is not a good idea. Economy class is not nicknamed “cattle class” for nothing.  There is just not really enough space to make you close to comfortable. Therefore limit the amount of carry-on luggage, to ensure you have more legroom and less confined sitting space. Also to keep your most important documents and wallet with money preferably on you at all times, in the case of falling asleep. Just to make sure everything is secure.

7. Dress accordingly

I know everyone wants to look good when boarding as well as when they step of the plane. (especially women)However, you have to consider if skinny jeans and high-heeled boots are the best outfit you can choose for a long flight? It looks great but it might be a health risk when it starts cutting off blood flow to certain parts of your body. Ask Lady Gaga, whom had a big scare recently when dressing up to kill, in a very tight outfit,  for a long flight and almost got killed due to possible deep vein thrombosis. Luckily she realised something was wrong in time. Keep your outfits loose and comfortable as far as possible. Take comfortable shoes that can be easily taken off and put back on again since your feet might have swollen during the flight. Continue reading

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Tips to Handle a Long Flight – Part 1

tips for long distance flight

No matter how much you like flying, having to kill more than 11 hours in a small combined space with strangers, can become quite a skill. Something not a lot of us have, if any.

Even if you are lucky enough to have a very compelling neighbour with the most interesting stories to tell, you most likely cannot make small, or even big talk, the whole flight through.

Then there is also your health to consider. Being stuck in an uncomfortable seat for so long (it can even be a lazy boy and it’s still going to become uncomfortable after three hours) can take its toll from your body as well.(causing among other things, deep vein thrombosis) Since you might be paying a lot to go on this vacation or wanting to have enough ‘oomph’ to party all night when you step of the plane, you want to do your at most best to stay in top tip shape.

My advice to you:

1. Know what you are getting yourself into Continue reading

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My top 10 Picks of Places to see for Europe First-Timers

The article of Lonely Planet – 10 essential stops for Europe first-timers (See link at bottom of the blog) made me think what would be my picks if I had to help a friend decide what are must-see places when travelling through Europe.  I concur with all of Lonely Planets’ but I have a couple less unfamiliar ones of my own that I have a soft spot for and want to add to the list. Mostly probably because of the personal memories I treasure.

I was blessed to have been travelling since I was really young. I have fond memories of all the places we visited and it is difficult but if I have to pick only 10 it would be the following and the reason why:

Florence Italy travel 1. Florence, Italy

This place is probably one of my absolute favourites. I have visited it 3 times already and would always go back if I were given the chance. I believe it’s because of the beautiful architecture and bridges, stunning history and the lovely life-footprints of Michelangelo, a big inspiration of mine, that keeps on beckoning me back. Continue reading

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