Tips to Handle a Long Flight – Part 2

tips on surving a long distance flight
See Part 1

6. Keep it light

These days airlines will limit you with the amount of checked luggage you are allowed to take on a flight. This sometimes courses you to take a lot more carry-on luggage. This is not a good idea. Economy class is not nicknamed “cattle class” for nothing.  There is just not really enough space to make you close to comfortable. Therefore limit the amount of carry-on luggage, to ensure you have more legroom and less confined sitting space. Also to keep your most important documents and wallet with money preferably on you at all times, in the case of falling asleep. Just to make sure everything is secure.

7. Dress accordingly

I know everyone wants to look good when boarding as well as when they step of the plane. (especially women)However, you have to consider if skinny jeans and high-heeled boots are the best outfit you can choose for a long flight? It looks great but it might be a health risk when it starts cutting off blood flow to certain parts of your body. Ask Lady Gaga, whom had a big scare recently when dressing up to kill, in a very tight outfit,  for a long flight and almost got killed due to possible deep vein thrombosis. Luckily she realised something was wrong in time. Keep your outfits loose and comfortable as far as possible. Take comfortable shoes that can be easily taken off and put back on again since your feet might have swollen during the flight.

8. All the gimmicks might work for you

If you do want to get some shut eye during the flight remember to gear up with the necessary “gimmicks”. It might not work for you but rather come prepared than not. A neck pillow is always a good idea since trying to sleep basically upright might take its toll on your neck. Eye masks and earplugs are only extras but they work very well to block out the world of crying babies, inconsiderable snorers and any small talk you would like to avoid.

9. When to fly

Let’s face it. You will have jetlag after such a long flight. There is just no way you are going to get your proper full night’s sleep. Some airlines offer a day flight to certain destinations. Try booking one of those. Even though the day can become very long it’s great to go to bed round about the normal time. The amount of movies available on the plane will see you through as well as coming prepared like I mentioned earlier. If however you cannot get your hands on a day flight the best advice I can give you is to not go to bed immediately after arriving at your hotel, if it is in the middle of the day. Try to get in to the rhythm of your new destination.  If you really cannot keep your eyes open your can go to bed around 7pm and sleep it off till the next morning, when you will probably awake early but it will be more in accordance to your new time zone.

10. Take  your time

There is one thing I always have a chuckle about when in an airplane. Somehow some people develop a hearing problem throughout the flight. After landing the airhostess will ask nicely for everyone to “stay seated with their seatbelts fastened until the plane has come to a complete stop…”Then you will always have the poor hard-hearing person jumping up even before the plane has stopped. To run where? There is really nowhere to go except standing very uncomfortably for a couple of minutes…Even if you do get out first, which will most likely not happen in this lifetime, you are still going to wait for your checked-in bags, with all the others. When the Fasten Seatbelt sign goes off at the end of the flight, stay put. Remain seated while all the others rummage for bags and stand half bent over seats and squashed in the aisles. Even the last one off the plane will probably still beat the bags to the baggage claim. If one of your bags are located not above your seat, ask another passenger to pass it on to you. People are very helpful in that way.

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One thought on “Tips to Handle a Long Flight – Part 2

  1. elna pieterse

    You are so funny! But everything is really true.
    Thanks for the most precious tips! Elna

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