Sorrento’s Restaurante La Lanterna – Italian atmosphere & food at its best!


View of the Restaurante La Lanterna

There are a lot of small quaint restaurants to pick from in Sorrento. It is hard deciding on only one since you would just love to probably visit all of them.

We were in Sorrento for the last night of our honeymoon in Italy and since we just adore Italy we really wanted to celebrate it with a typical Italian restaurant to say our goodbyes.

After wandering the streets and checking out all of them we decided that Restaurante La Lanterna, almost in the middle of the old town, definitely looked the most inviting and just plain romantic!

It is located in a small alley with tables and chairs with green overlays laid out right to the main walkway street, which makes it part of the overall buzz of the town passing by. You can obviously sit inside as well if you want to.

It seems like it is also a local spot since there were a couple of locals greeted by hand when they left.

They served us an incredible bruschetta with roasted tomato and olive oil which almost “spoils” dinner since you are eating everything to the last crumb. We had two different dishes. A classic Porsciotta e Fhungi pizza and a pasta. Both were really delicious. The dough of the pizza was fantastic.

The service was very professional but really friendly. The head waiter was quite professional and organizing all the waiters to work like clock-work, which we enjoyed tremendously. We were so full after dinner there was no space for dessert and we decided not to have any although the menu almost persuaded us.

We had a great time and would definitely recommend it to friends and family although it might be a little more to the more expensive side but it is worth it. Also book if possible. This is obviously a very popular spot and there was a waiting list when we arrived.

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