C’era una Volta, Positano – Local atmosphere, stunning view & great food combo

Seafood_pastaWe ate here the first night we arrived in Positano and what a perfect start! We decided on this place because of family recommendation, which ate here about 2 years ago, and we are glad we listened. It turned out to be so delicious that we came back again later in the week despite a lot of other delicious restaurants in town. We were welcomed by Frederico, the owner, who is quite a charmer (so typically Italian) and very hands-on. We were quite a big party of guests but they instantly arranged a long table for us out side. I think you can sit inside however we never saw the inside, since the weather was just so perfect. The restaurant is located quite “high” and therefore very early on entering the town on the main road which obviously gives the veranda such a stunning view over the valley of Positano and the majestic mountains overlooking the town. It is really a beautiful spot for a restaurant. The “lantern-like” streetlamps decorating the side of the veranda are also just a special touch. To be quite honest there is not really a lot of interior decorating in the restaurant, it is very basic, but it doesn’t bother you because of the stunning view (and Italy is known for its basicness after all).

The food is really delicious. They’ve got great home-made pizzas that are huge and enjoyable. The seafood pasta was absolutely divine. Unfortunately there were not enough nights to try all of the dishes.

It makes it even harder that the desserts are very appealing. We tried a very Italian dessert-the most delicious honey Panacotta. Word of advice…if this type of dessert can become a little rich for you, rather share but do not miss out on it.

We ended off the dinners with the typical “Lemonchelo” drink. (It is an absolute stunning lemon liquor type of dessert drink—a speciality on the Amalfi coast.)

The reason why we really enjoyed eating here was because it felt like a typical Italian eating experience, and that is what we wanted while we were here after all. There might be other restaurants that have more delicious food but the “basicness” of the setup makes it feel like you are eating on an Italian friend’s veranda and we loved it.

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