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C’era una Volta, Positano – Local atmosphere, stunning view & great food combo

Seafood_pastaWe ate here the first night we arrived in Positano and what a perfect start! We decided on this place because of family recommendation, which ate here about 2 years ago, and we are glad we listened. It turned out to be so delicious that we came back again later in the week despite a lot of other delicious restaurants in town. We were welcomed by Frederico, the owner, who is quite a charmer (so typically Italian) and very hands-on. We were quite a big party of guests but they instantly arranged a long table for us out side. I think you can sit inside however we never saw the inside, since the weather was just so perfect. The restaurant is located quite “high” and therefore very early on entering the town on the main road which obviously gives the veranda such a stunning view over the valley of Positano and the majestic mountains overlooking the town. It is really a beautiful spot for a restaurant. The “lantern-like” streetlamps decorating the side of the veranda are also just a special touch. To be quite honest there is not really a lot of interior decorating in the restaurant, it is very basic, but it doesn’t bother you because of the stunning view (and Italy is known for its basicness after all). Continue reading

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Sorrento’s Restaurante La Lanterna – Italian atmosphere & food at its best!


View of the Restaurante La Lanterna

There are a lot of small quaint restaurants to pick from in Sorrento. It is hard deciding on only one since you would just love to probably visit all of them.

We were in Sorrento for the last night of our honeymoon in Italy and since we just adore Italy we really wanted to celebrate it with a typical Italian restaurant to say our goodbyes.

After wandering the streets and checking out all of them we decided that Restaurante La Lanterna, almost in the middle of the old town, definitely looked the most inviting and just plain romantic!

It is located in a small alley with tables and chairs with green overlays laid out right to the main walkway street, which makes it part of the overall buzz of the town passing by. You can obviously sit inside as well if you want to.

It seems like it is also a local spot since there were a couple of locals greeted by hand when they left.

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My top 10 Picks of Places to see for Europe First-Timers

The article of Lonely Planet – 10 essential stops for Europe first-timers (See link at bottom of the blog) made me think what would be my picks if I had to help a friend decide what are must-see places when travelling through Europe.  I concur with all of Lonely Planets’ but I have a couple less unfamiliar ones of my own that I have a soft spot for and want to add to the list. Mostly probably because of the personal memories I treasure.

I was blessed to have been travelling since I was really young. I have fond memories of all the places we visited and it is difficult but if I have to pick only 10 it would be the following and the reason why:

Florence Italy travel 1. Florence, Italy

This place is probably one of my absolute favourites. I have visited it 3 times already and would always go back if I were given the chance. I believe it’s because of the beautiful architecture and bridges, stunning history and the lovely life-footprints of Michelangelo, a big inspiration of mine, that keeps on beckoning me back. Continue reading

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Interesting facts about Belgium

Facts of BelgiumAll my memories of travelling to Belgium are pleasant. When I think of Belgium I think of it with a fondness as for a younger sibling. We get along well. The reason also might be because we share a language that is very similar to my home tongue.

Or maybe it is because I have an absolute addiction to their mouth watering chocolates! As I walked the streets during my travels I would literally buy a packet of chocolates, finish it while walking and then at the next chocolate store buy another packet. Repeating this ritual till I felt like a chocolate myself!

Thanks to this uncontrollable lust for Belgium chocolates I stumbled upon these following interesting facts about Belgium:

– Belgium produces 220,000 tonnes of chocolates every year! Luckily Belgians don’t eat all of that chocolate themselves. The Brussels’ International Airport is the World’s biggest chocolate selling point…which means the rest of the world eats that chocolate! Continue reading

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5 tips to get hold of a Schengen Travel Visa effortlessly

Schengen travel visa picHaving to obtain a Schengen visa can be quite a challenge. However if you keep the following tips in mind it might be easier than you think.

1. If your passport has been issued within a year it is advisable to submit your old passport along with the current one. If your passport is older than 10 years, you would need to obtain a new passport to apply for a Schengen visa—have a look at the expiry date on the passport.

2. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 3 months after the visa expiry date. It should also contain two blank pages for any new visa stamps. In the case of you applying for a multiple entry visa your passport should be valid for at least a year or longer from the date your trip ends. Continue reading

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